Due to COVID-19 This is a Fundraiser Event

Event Location:

Due to COVID-19 This is a Fundraiser Event. Please Donate.


ShopRite of Hunterdon County, Inc Including: Greenwich, Clinton, Flemington, Bethlehem and Yardley ShopRite locations. And also:
Woodside Church


Stacey and Paul Martino


Melissa and Keith Patridge
Please Help Us Spread the Word!!
We need your help to feed the hundreds of families that are waiting for our baskets for Thanksgiving! There are families that are taking their kids to a food line on Thanksgiving simply because not enough people know that they can donate $35 to feed a family… 

We're NOT ok with that! So let’s spread the word!!!

How Can You Help??
1) Donate (first things first, feed a family… DONATE) 

2) Tell your friends and family to DONATE!

3) Go out and invite people to donate! Get the kids involved in going around the neighborhood hanging up the flyer below or collecting dollars & change in a way that helps them feel good about giving!

4) Spread the Word!! 

Post on Facebook and in social media! 
>> Click here to download email copy and prewritten social media posts! 

Send out an email to your peeps! Do you know a local organization, group or business…or even the company you work for?? Ask them if they want to Spread the Word to their members/employees so they can Donate too!? 
>> Click here to download the prewritten email blast for businesses! 

Want to share the flyer for the event??  Just print this out and give it to people you know! Email it to your friends and your peeps! Take it to a local group or business and ask them to hang it up and let people know!

Need Help with a Creative and Fun Way to Spread the Word?!

Our 14 year old Ryan is brilliant with ideas for fun GIVINGHe will be so happy to help you create a great idea! 

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